Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Post: Space Activities

     Recently in Nu Works we explored the category of Space from Paul Baker's Integration of Abilities. First, we moved across a certain space portraying either tragedy or comedy. Second, we created a blog (virtual space). Third, we went on a imaginative journey through our subconscious (imagination space). Lastly, we created movement in a studio (dancing space). The imagination space activity was definitely the best in my opinion. We lied down on the floor as nature sounds were played. During the process, our teacher described the "journey" as we imagined what she said. It was very relaxing indeed. The virtual space assignment was interesting- I created this blog. Wether or not I shall continue it outside of school I do not know; I doubt it. The comedy/tragedy assignment was fun, and also rather difficult. The dancing space was slightly similar to the first assignment; we had to perform within a certain space.

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