Monday, April 9, 2012

School Post: Nu-Works Overview

     I have to say, the instrument and band performance project was rather flawed, merely in the perspective of a student within the group performance; however, this is not to say that this activity was not fun or specifically detrimental in some way, shape or form. The main dilemma was that the majority of the students, myself included, created percussive instruments that, in their simplistic purpose, hindered the development of actual notes of music. Some instruments that actually did do such things could be credited to Dante, Sam and Daniil, to name a few.
     I was in a group with Alfredo, Haley and Joan, and we named our "band" Additional Colour and Flavour. Overall, I thought that the performance was quite decent, and we ended up with a one hundred.
     The least productive or enriching portion of this class has probably been the color wheel and colors assignment. Although, I did enjoy the class in the MAT quite a bit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School Post: Movie Projects and Obama

     Recently in Nu-Works, we did an assignment in which we split into groups and created a movie with a prompt from our teacher. I thought that the assignment was fair- there was nothing really wrong with it, unless someone got an exceedingly limiting prompt, which I don't think happened. This was a good assignment that enabled students to exercise their creativity and technology skills. My group's prompt was along the lines of, "many spiderwebs can tie up a lion".
     I have to admit that my group's project was pretty bad. We had a large amount of film to assemble our movie with, but somehow, it was lost. We had to resort to excessive subtitles to explain what was happening in the film, and even then it was rather muddled. However, our group is reshooting the missing film to replace the subtitles before all of the Nu-Works classes watch all of the movies. This should increase the quality of the film and make it what it was intended to be.
     Also, here's an awesome picture of President Obama,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

School Post: Space Project Evaluation

     Recently in New Works, we created and presented projects to Space. I think that my Space Project was alright. I suppose it was not stellar compared to some of the other projects that were presented in class, but I would not say that it was awful. It seemed a little short. I do believe that I put forth a good amount of effort; however, perhaps a drawing was not the best choice since I am not a Visual student.
     I think that the best presentation was Sam's. I liked how he utilized his talents to create his project.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Post: Space Activities

     Recently in Nu Works we explored the category of Space from Paul Baker's Integration of Abilities. First, we moved across a certain space portraying either tragedy or comedy. Second, we created a blog (virtual space). Third, we went on a imaginative journey through our subconscious (imagination space). Lastly, we created movement in a studio (dancing space). The imagination space activity was definitely the best in my opinion. We lied down on the floor as nature sounds were played. During the process, our teacher described the "journey" as we imagined what she said. It was very relaxing indeed. The virtual space assignment was interesting- I created this blog. Wether or not I shall continue it outside of school I do not know; I doubt it. The comedy/tragedy assignment was fun, and also rather difficult. The dancing space was slightly similar to the first assignment; we had to perform within a certain space.

Monday, September 19, 2011

School Post: New Works Class

     My 8th Period class at BTWHSPVA is New Works- an artistic fusion of all the clusters at Booker T. (Theatre, Music, Dance and Visual). For the first few class periods we just watched videos, did get-to-know-you games, etc. As the weeks progressed, we've created commercials for donating to Booker T. and made blogs about our art experience at Arts Magnet, such as this one. We have also recently learned about Paul Baker's Integration of Abilities.