Monday, April 9, 2012

School Post: Nu-Works Overview

     I have to say, the instrument and band performance project was rather flawed, merely in the perspective of a student within the group performance; however, this is not to say that this activity was not fun or specifically detrimental in some way, shape or form. The main dilemma was that the majority of the students, myself included, created percussive instruments that, in their simplistic purpose, hindered the development of actual notes of music. Some instruments that actually did do such things could be credited to Dante, Sam and Daniil, to name a few.
     I was in a group with Alfredo, Haley and Joan, and we named our "band" Additional Colour and Flavour. Overall, I thought that the performance was quite decent, and we ended up with a one hundred.
     The least productive or enriching portion of this class has probably been the color wheel and colors assignment. Although, I did enjoy the class in the MAT quite a bit.

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